We stand strong together!

You know who you are! You are many, you are alive, you are strong, and each individual is unique and wonderful in itself. But together we are the strongest! Welcome to WeUntd, an international blogplatform to express, inspire and share. We want to create new opportunities for individuals to reach out with their stories, experiences, inspiration and daily life – to thousands of readers worldwide. Each individual has its unique story! Whether you want to save, share or commercial your story, it becomes easier and in many cases much more fun when others take part. So we created WeUnTd.

Our concept is based on the vision that we create influential together. In practice, we create the premise for bloggers to provide each other with new active readers. Share your readers in order to grow together as one unit! On August 15 we are launching Weuntd x-promotion, an awesome marketing service that gives bloggers new readers for every reader that they share with another blog within the WEUNTD network. So do not be surprised if your blog posts is exposed on other blogs within WeUntd, it’s just a mechanical process to make your voice heard!

“We stand strong together – as bloggers – influencers, humans, religion, races and faiths, but since the first breath, we all shared the same air!”

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ page before contacting us if you have any questions regarding your blog.